Patient Activation Triggered by Viewing Online Notes

I recently recounted the true story of a patient, Joe, who I have been seeing for many years. Through all of that time I had been unable to persuade, convince, or cajole him to change his diet and sedentary lifestyle. Read what happened when Joe read his online office note (our health system was one of the initial sites for OpenNotes) and it provided the trigger for him to change. Then find out how he leveraged an activity tracker and his social network to keep him to task. And now this patient is going to feel better and be such less costly to the health care system.

Leonard Kish wrote, “if patient engagement were a drug, it would be the blockbuster drug of the century.” But exercise is also a wonder drug, not to be underestimated. Joe’s story shows the power of both.

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Evidence! New S4PM Survey Shows People Want to Collaborate with Their Doctors and Co-Produce Their Clinical Data

The Society for Participatory Medicine reveals the results of its recent survey. Head over there to see the buzz: Results page Blog post Infographic below–click to download PDF  

Health Care as Collaboration

I was privileged to contribute to the book,TIC Saúde 2014 – Research on the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Brazilian Health Facilities. It presents the results of a nationwide survey of how health IT (which outside the US is called “ICT,” where the ‘C’ stands for “Communication”) is used in Brazil. The publication includes chapters presenting different… Continue reading Health Care as Collaboration

Physician Self-Disclosure About Illness

I recently struggled with an interesting patient care issue related to my illness. I had to cancel several weeks of clinical sessions, which I realize is a hardship for my patients. A few weeks ago, when seeing a long-time patient of mine—a warm woman with several chronic conditions—I apologized that we had cancelled her previously… Continue reading Physician Self-Disclosure About Illness

On a Physician’s Recovery After Major Illness

As many of my readers know, I was intubated in an ICU about two months ago. (Do scan the comments—many of my readers disclosed their own health stories or those of friends and family.) I promised to post an update after my follow-up MRI and neurologist appointment, and we were incredibly relieved to learn that… Continue reading On a Physician’s Recovery After Major Illness

When Bad Things Happen to Great Patient Advocates

Kevin Leonard, a tireless patient advocate and dear friend in Toronto, Ontario died this past summer. He was only 55 years old. Had I been blogging at the time I would have written about him, but was reminded of Kevin’s amazing life and untimely death by this fitting tribute in the Globe and Mail recently… Continue reading When Bad Things Happen to Great Patient Advocates

Patients and the Future of Our Health Care System

Last month, I introduced e-Patient Dave’s keynote at the AMIA Fall Symposium. In that introduction, which I summarized in a blog post about my recent health scare, I drew an analogy between John F. Kennedy’s famous statement delivered at the Berlin Wall in 1963 expressing solidarity with the people of Berlin who were cut off… Continue reading Patients and the Future of Our Health Care System

On The Ultimate Loss of Control, Living with Uncertainty, Reflecting on the Future, and Being a Patient

Prelude I don’t remember three days of my life. I have generally felt in control of my life and behavior. Although I understand the future is always uncertain, I do as much as I can to plan for it and minimize risk to myself and my family. This includes focusing on avoidance of stress, healthy… Continue reading On The Ultimate Loss of Control, Living with Uncertainty, Reflecting on the Future, and Being a Patient

Please Vote for Kinergy Health and Help Us Win a Grant!

As many of you know, I work for a portfolio of innovative companies doing great work. One of them is Kinergy Health. Kinergy Health provides a platform and services that is a collaborative network of care and resources with the patient at the center. It was founded by Gail Embt, a technology executive and caregiver to her… Continue reading Please Vote for Kinergy Health and Help Us Win a Grant!

Low-Impact Outdoor Exercise Option: ElliptiGO

As some of you know, I have a soccer-related foot injury, and for almost three months have been wearing a removable walking cast/boot, and have been limited in the exercises I can do.  It needed to be low impact and not flex my 1st MTP joint (the one that connects the big toe to the… Continue reading Low-Impact Outdoor Exercise Option: ElliptiGO