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I compiled these resources based on many years of prescribing information and resources to patients and learning from my patients. (Many are US-focused, for which I apologize to my international readers.) It is based on work I did at Beth Israel Deaconess when I created the Patient Resources section of our first clinical portal in ~2000 (which has since been taken down). I’d like this to be a dynamic, crowd-sourced list of resources, but it won’t be exhaustive–after all there are tens of thousands of health websites. This should just be a starting point.

To that end, please contribute! Use the discussion section at the bottom of the page to make suggestions (or to inform me of bad links). Thanks.


Beth Israel Deaconess and HealthCare Associates

End-of-Life Planning

Everyone should prepare for the difficult decisions that can come near the end of life. This includes choosing a health care proxy, who can make decisions on your behalf if you aren’t able to do so, and declaring your priorities and preferences for life-sustaining interventions. Particularly good are the six questions recommended by Dr. Angelo Volandes from Massachusetts General Hospital and Advanced Care Planning Decisions:

  1. What kinds of things are important to you in your life?
  2. If you were not able to do the activities you enjoy, are there any medical treatments that would be too much?
  3. What fears do you have about getting sick or medical care?
  4. Do you have any spiritual, religious, philosophical, or cultural beliefs that guide you when you make medical decisions?
  5. If you had to choose between living longer or having a higher quality of life, which would you pick?
  6. How important is it for you to be at home when you die?


Tips for Healthcare Consumers


  • Inexpensive discounted medication, for use instead of paying by insurance (and it’s frequently cheaper than paying exorbitant co-pays:
  • Compare low drug prices in the U.S. and at accredited international online pharmacies through Pharmacy Checker
  • Get prescription drugs that are checked for quality and impurities at Valisure
  • Having trouble understanding and remembering to take your medications? Try the free award-winning Medisafe app, available for iPhone and Android (disclaimer: I am a consultant to Medisafe)
  • Look up drug information and identify pills at

Health Information

Francis Bacon wrote that “Knowledge is power.” Get powerful by becoming knowledgeable about your medical conditions, health, and health care through some of these site.

Clinical Conditions

Clinical Trials

For many serious illnesses there are clinical trials underway that may help you, and your participation will help others with your condition in the future. While it’s difficult to identify all trials that are enrolling patients, these sites are a starting place.

Online Patient Communities

If you have a chronic or serious illness, I strongly urge you to learn what you can from other patients, in addition to health care professionals. Online support communities are the ideal way to do this.

  • (online cancer support communities)
  • (next generation communities, from creator of ACOR)
  • (many other diseases)
  • Patients Like Me (a  community that allows communities to aggregate information about symptoms and the impact of treatments)
  • This site is maintained by e-Patient Dave, who has compiled a great list of all support communities

Other Sites of Interest

  • Society for Participatory Medicine (an organizations that I co-founded, it’s dedicated to changing the culture of healthcare to become more collaborative between patients and their providers)

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