Health Care as Collaboration

I was privileged to contribute to the book,TIC Saúde 2014 – Research on the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Brazilian Health FacilitiesIt presents the results of a nationwide survey of how health IT (whichcapa_tic_saude_2014 outside the US is called “ICT,” where the ‘C’ stands for “Communication”) is used in Brazil. The publication includes chapters presenting different perspectives on health ICT. The book was published by, the Brazilian Network Information Center (the group that manages the Internet in Brazil) and, The Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society. It was masterfully edited by my dear friend, Heimar de Fátima Marin and Alexandre Barbosa.

In my chapter (starting on page 179 in English or page 53 in Portuguese), I propose that we should view health care as a collaboration between the patient and the health care professional around the patient’s health, and discusses how ICT can be a tool to enable that. I presented this chapter as a keynote presentation at the book premier in São Paulo last month as part of Medinfo 2015, the world congress of medical informatics.

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3 thoughts on “Health Care as Collaboration

  1. When I was finishing up my out-patient treatment for AML at BI, Dr. Roger Lange, my hemoc MD and one of the heroes of my life, gave me two directives: Avoid benzine (Leukemia trigger ) and avoid stress. That’s where you come in with your writings…Sometimes on a Friday evening you feel ill…Opps, whattya do ??? In the old days, you stressed out all weekend to get to contact your Doctor on Monday after 9:00.
    With your innovative Patient Site, We kicked out stress years ago !!! Just leave you an email Fri. night and all is well, so to speak…

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