Patients and the Future of Our Health Care System

Last month, I introduced e-Patient Dave’s keynote at the AMIA Fall Symposium. In that introduction, which I summarized in a blog post about my recent health scare, I drew an analogy between John F. Kennedy’s famous statement delivered at the Berlin Wall in 1963 expressing solidarity with the people of Berlin who were cut off from Western Europe “Ich bin ein Berliner” and Dave’s proud proclamation expressing solidarity with patients, “I am a patient.”

AMIA 2013 Keynote Introduction - SandsAMIA 2013 Keynote Introduction 2 - Sands

Today, I was walking at Copley Square in Boston and saw this banner, which is also a quote from JFK:

JFK Quote About Children

I propose we mash this up with my friend and mentor Warner Slack’s statement, that both Dave and I frequently quote:

Slack Quote About Patients

And we get:

“Patients are health care’s most valuable resource and the best hope for the future of our health care system.”

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Patients and the Future of Our Health Care System

  1. My, aren’t you getting thoughty! (That’s my mom’s word.)

    I like this, and I like the approach of building on past ideas. This one isn’t a cute rhetorical trick; it’s a valid echoing and blending.

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