Preparing for Your Visit

Whether you are having a face-to-face visit, a video visit, or a telephone visit, we both need to prepare for it. By each of us doing our part we can get the most out of our time together.

  1. Review your prior notes and labs through PatientSite, especially the last section of the note, labelled “Impression and Plan”
  2. Gather your medications or make sure you have an accurate list of what you’re taking or using (the free Medisafe app can help)
  3. Click on one of the following options to complete a visit organizer that I developed with colleagues in my practice, which will help you gather your thoughts and relevant information, then upload (see step #6) or print and bring to your visit (if you’re coming into the office):
  4. Please review this symptom list, especially if your appointment is for an annual wellness visit or preventive health evaluation then upload (see step #6) or print and bring to your visit:
  5. Review your advanced directives/end of life planning (at least annually)
  6. If you have forms you’ve completed or like to send me any documents or photos, you have a few options (they will be added to your record):
    1. Click this link to upload your document (I will see this immediately)
    2. Sharing documents or images with me using PatientSite or e-mail (If you use e-mail it will take longer before I’ll see your document)