Health Care as Collaboration

I was privileged to contribute to the book,TIC Saúde 2014 – Research on the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Brazilian Health Facilities. It presents the results of a nationwide survey of how health IT (which outside the US is called “ICT,” where the ‘C’ stands for “Communication”) is used in Brazil. The publication includes chapters presenting different… Continue reading Health Care as Collaboration

Person-Centered Healthcare and the Limitations of Government

As I’m on the lunch break from a workshop of the ONC’s Person at the Center Initiative, for which I am on the advisory board, I am contemplating how we make our health and healthcare truly person-centered, but also the levers government has in promoting this critical transformation. But more importantly, the limitations to what… Continue reading Person-Centered Healthcare and the Limitations of Government

What’s In a Name?

After years of writing on other blogs, including the Society for Participatory Medicine’s blog, I felt as if I should really be writing posts on my own blog. But for me, perhaps because I am self-critical and perfectionistic, writing has always been time-consuming, and time is something I do not have in excess. While some… Continue reading What’s In a Name?