Patient Engagement Summit, San Diego, CA 10/2015

“I work with speakers all the time and you are among the best in this or any industry.”

Mike Moran
Program Director
HIMSS Media 

Palliative Care Conference, Torquay, VIC 3/2014

“e-Talk by @DrDannySands = entertaining, engaging and educative”

Telehealth Awareness Week, Geelong, VIC and Australian Telehealth Conference, Melbourne, VIC 3/2014

“Your message for the health industry resonates really well with me as a consumer of health services and I believe it’s what the industry needs to hear and take action on if we are to improve health care.”

“I have […] really enjoyed your clinical and leadership insights and will carry them as we enter coming phases of our programme.”

“I want to express our sincere thanks for the professional way in which you presented to the health industry events that we sponsored. At all of the events we felt you were very effective in the promotion of our product.”

“Your powerful message and presentations added to the credibility of our product and staff.”

“The wholehearted way you used your personal network to introduce us to decision makers and persons of influence was greatly appreciated and no doubt enhanced our status as a credible player in the industry.”

“@DrDannySands is killing it with his demo, too funny!”

“In March 2014 Dr Daniel Z Sands (Danny) featured as the Keynote Speaker for the inaugural Barwon South West Telehealth Awareness Week (THAW2014) hosted by Barwon Health, Geelong Victoria, Australia.

Danny was approached for this unique role based on my previous observation of his work in Australia.  Danny has an exceptional ability to engage with his audience and make what can sometimes been seen as a dry subject into an entertaining, educational and enthusiasm building experience for the audience.  Danny is dynamic, inspiring others to think differently and question the status quo.

We were not disappointed with his work with our audience which ranged across all levels of our health service and region: Executives, Clinical Directors, Medical and Surgical Specialists, junior medical staff, nurses, allied health professionals and administrators.  The impact of the messages we workshopped leading up to the week were delivered with a long lasting impression and continue to be raised by those involved months later.

I highly recommend engaging Danny for your event.  Not only is he a pleasure to work with but he is meticulous in providing validated evidence to bring a credible message to your audience.  The feedback from the participants in our event rated the quality of the presenters as excellent.  The results we have seen since speak to Danny’s ability to deliver our messages whilst being mindful of differing cultures and health system intricacies.

Thank you Danny.  We look forward to working with you again soon.”

Rebecca Eastgate
Regional Telehealth Program Manager
Barwon Health

Readying the Health Care Workforce for Transformation, Cleveland, OH 6/2013

“Please accept my sincere appreciation for your support of Thursday’s conference.   I have received enthusiastic feedback by so many of our participants on the content, dialogue and deliverables for the day.   Your presentation was incredibly engaging and inspiring.”

“Very powerful—all physicians should be required to hear his talk.”

“Are there really physicians out there that practice that way? Sign me up to be one of Dr. Sands’ patients, I bet he makes house calls too! Great speaker, I had a lot of takeaway ideas from him, where I practice we don’t have a patient portal yet, but I can use e-mail.”

“Outstanding job! great speakers. Especially Judy Murphy and Danny Sands”

“Awesome Seminar.  Very well thought out and organized.”

“I thought the day was very informative.” 

“The last speaker should have presented earlier in day, his information was enlightening for the future of appts and appt time limits.”

“I plan to seek permission from administration to email and receive emails from patient.”

St. Joseph Health, Huntington Beach, CA 5/2013

“Excellent presentation by Dr. Sands & Dave deBronkart, inspiring & encouraging.”

“Very compelling and touching presentation by Dr. Sands and Dave deBronkart.”

Iowa REC’s e-Health Summit, Des Moines, IA 8/2012

“You were terrific and I heard so many positive comments! We really learned a lot about patient-centered care in a health IT environment. You are so personable and related so well to our audience. We’re so fortunate you could share with us.”

PDS 2012 Tech Conference, Milwaukee, WI 9/2012

“Tremendous presenter! Excellent communication of experiences and use of statistics and figures.”

“Great speaker, very animated and passionate about his message.”

“Always helpful to get the real business side of the healthcare equation. Nice addition to the heathcare track”