Audio Recordings and Podcasts

earbuds-983069_1920Health IT Marketer Podcast with Jared Johnson: Engaging Patients Without Taking More Time on Mar 28, 2016. Interview starts at 3:12.

HealthBlawg with David Harlow: Physician-Patient Collaboration: A Conversation With Dr. Danny Sands on Mar 14, 2016.

HealthOvate Boston: “Meet Dr Danny Sands @DrDannySands” by Greg Masters of Health Innovation Media and interviewed by Doug Goldstein via BlogTalk Radio on Sep 8, 2015.

Blog Talk Radio’s Gregg Master’s This Week in Health Innovation, “Meet Dr. Danny Sands” interview by Phil Marshall, MD on Apr 9, 2014. Or download podcast.

RadioActive Broadcasting’s Empowered Patient interview on Patient-Doctor Relationships, Big Data, and Small Data in Healthcare on Oct 10, 2013.

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